Selling Points:
1.720P-1080P optional camera, a separate recording
2. a key recording, a key camera
3. Rotate the lens 180 degrees
4. Loop camera
5. Motion detection camera
6. Support 8-128G memory expansion
7. Infrared night vision camera
8. long video time about 4 hours

Product Type: Video recording pen
Material :Plastic
Lens; 10 million
Video format: AVI 30FBS
Resolution: 1920X1080P FHD / 720P
Video time: 5 hours continuous video, a video recording function
Video encoding: M-JPEG
Recording: 8 hours continuous recording, a key recording function
Battery capacity: 680MAH polymer battery
Charging voltage: DC 5V 500MAH
Interface Type: USB 2.0
Card: TF card
Product Size: 90X29X9MM

Packing list:
1xpen camera
1x USB cable
1xRetail box

This machine has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which shall be charged in first use as below:
1. Use the USB to connect to the computer for charging.
2. Use a battery charger of 500MAH for charging; connecting to a charge pal or battery charger for charging during camera shooting or recording can realize recording while charging;
3. The lamp is still on during charging, and it will be fully charged in about 3-4h.
4. If video recording cannot be carried out with the card inserted, connect this machine to the computer for formatting of the memory card: fat32 select 32k, exfat select 128k


1. It will stop video recording and sounding recording in low battery, and automatically save and shut down.
2. The blue lamp will flicker quickly without a card during start-up.
3. The blue and red lamp will flicker quickly at the same time when the memory card is full.
4. The machine will automatically shut down when it is idling for 3min (non video recording and recording state).
5. Note: Don’t use a high-power battery charger for charging in order to avoid shorten the service life of the battery.
6. Please charge the product in time after use to avoid it in low battery for a long time.

Starting up:
Long press the power button for 3 seconds, the lamp is on and it will power on.
Video recording:
Short press the “power/video recording button” in stand-by state, the blue lamp will slowly flash for a few times then go out and start video recording. Then short press “power/video recording button” to stop video recording and save, and the blue lamp is on.
The video recording will be save automatically in sections, 5min a section in circulation mode, 8min a section in non-circulation mode.
Sound recording:
Short press “recording key”, the red light slowly flashes for a few times and goes out; then short press “recording key” to stop recording and save, and the blue lamp is on.
The recording will be saved automatically in sections, 60min per section.
Open/close the infrared lamp;
Long press “recording key” for 2 seconds under standby and recording mode to open/close the infrared lamp, the red lamp is on/off.
Use a toothpick to stab the reset hole for normal working when the product has no respond.
PC camera:
Connect to the computer without a memory card, and it can serve as a PC camera.

Time for modification
Connect to the computer after inserting the memory card into the product and turning on the product, the memory card will produce a time text “settime.txt”, open it and modify the time value then save it, for example: 2017-03-28, 23: 59: 59, respectively refer to 23:59:59, March 28, 2017. After succeeding, the time in the txt will restore to the initial time.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 cm


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