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Main Function of Smart snoring circle YA4300

Main Function of Smart snoring circle YA4300

Snore stopper algorithm:
YA4300 has one more function: respiratory syndrome detection and intervention, but it must keep the mobile phone on the screen (As for Apple phone, the screen can be off screen available;but for android phone, it is not recommended to be off screen;). Due to with this new function, therefore there are modes of online and offline;

Online Mode: AI recognizes snoring, apnea, hypopnea, and breathing disorders detection and records;
Offline: AI-optimized machine learning recognizes snoring(it is function of YA4200 model)

Local data :
For YA4200 ,The firmware is saved,press or connection triggers data upload, which is saved and viewed on APP in the mobile phone ;
For YA4300,The offline data is the same as before; the online data is instantly uploaded to the mobile phone, and it will be uploaded to the server after exiting the online mode. It still supports to check on phone.

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