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X01 pick up module board for spy
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      This product is suitable for GSM wireless intelligent commercial/home alarm system imported microprocessor combining advanced GSM digital signal processing technology innovation development of GSM wireless smart mobile alarm system.Commercial household type/GSM alarm system is widely used in households, residential property, electric power, transportation, oil, coal, railway, municipal, public security departments of industry security devices, data monitoring and remote monitoring system with the ultra small size, low power consumption and wide working temperature range, A120 is the ideal solution for M2M applications, suitable for automotive, industrial, and PDA, personal tracking application, to provide the perfect GSM/GPRS SMS, data and voice services.A120 half hole process, can be achieved through the standard SMT equipment module of rapid production, to provide customers with the high reliability of connection, especially suitable for automation, the modernization of large-scale, low-cost production.

2. The company adopted the ISO9001 international quality management system from purchasing warehouse production quality development operating sales and so on each link Provide a basis for the traceability of the management, to provide you with high quality low price good service products.


size: 17.5×19.5×2.5mm

Consumption of flow :1.3mA @ DRX=5 1.2mA @ DRX=9

Working voltage :3.3V-4.2V; Typical values 4.0V

Boot voltage :>3.4V

Working temperature :-30'C to+80

Charging voltage :5V  1A 

Support the spectrum :GSM/GPRS/ contain 850,900,1800,1900MHZ

Support network :GSM network around the world GPRS Class 10

The sensitivity :-105 ;GPS More than 2 :12, 1~12 configurableGPS

Mobile station :Class BThe data transfer :GPRS Class 10  the tallest 85.6 kbps (high)&42.8Kbps (low)

Support CSD : The highest 14.4 kbpsSupport PBCCH

Support USSD :  Protocol stack PPP/ TCP/ UDP/ HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ MUX

Message:Point-to-point SMS transceiver, cell broadcast messages, text/PDU mode

Voice: Speech coding mode : Half Rate (HR) F

ull Rate (FR) Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) AMR

Support voice calls :155db

Support for SMS messages support ROHS, FCC, CE, certified SMT 42 pin

Compatible with GSM Phase 2/2 + Class 4 (2 MHz) 850/900 w @ Class 1 MHz) @ (1 w 1800/1900MHz)Interface: a SIM/USIM card UART 3 V / 1.8 V 2Analog audio interface 2 (built-in 1 road class AB audio power amplifier)

RTCCoding scheme CS 1, 2, 3, 4Audio processing mechanism of response to eliminate echo suppression noise suppression

Operating instructions

1. The card after electrify taillight long bright flashing 3 times again after 3 seconds to enter standby taillight long out (in a status lamp lights up)

2. send WWW + mobile number (master) binding to the host.Back to the message "OK" (WWW + 0000) call module can automatically answer for 5 seconds.(note: not state - any calls can be automatically answer)

3.The acoustic alarm: send HHH + cell phone number to the host.Reply "OK" (about 40 decibels in environmental sound super callback binding machine hand. HHH + 0000 to cancel)

4.Positioning: positioning card available5.send CCC restart mode 6 microphones effect amplified best (above 145 db: can hear voice within 10 meters radius or higher)


1 shall be filled with the new machine before use electricity, in order to achieve the best effect 

2 charge 5 v500ma charger, in order to avoid damage to the equipment 

3 please pay attention to the GSM network signal strength when installation, do not install where there is no signal or signal weak So as not to affect use 

4 light not on batteries, please use the fully charged again 

5 phone couldn't get through, to card test, check again after commissioning or charging mobile phones have set a PIN code 

6 do not automatically answer please card mobile phone again

 7 this product is strictly prohibited for illegal use, the consequence is proud.

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