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Multi-function Purse Video Digital Security Monitoring Camera
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Relevant parameter 


Relevant parameter

Video format


Video coding


The video resolution

1280X720P HD  1920X1080 FULL



Video frame rate


Player software

The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

Image format


Image scale


Support system

Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os; Linux;

Battery capacity

2500 mA

Working time

About 17 hours

Charging voltage


The interface type

Mini 5Pin USB

Storage support

TF card

The battery type

High capacity polymer lithium electricity


Full 1080P purse the United States imported cameras OV9712 without interference, 2500 milliampere high capacity polymer lithium battery, photo 12 million pixels, motion detecting camera, AV video output at the same time, video stabilization, long continuous uninterrupted video up to 10 hours, with filling while recording, remote control through walls.


Wireless remote control function:

A: click the boot, click shut down

B: click on the video (HD 720 p), click the stop video.

C: click on the photo 12 million, long press 3 seconds and 1080 p video, click the stop 1080 p video.

D: short press the motion detecting (HD 720 p) click the stop motion detecting. Long press 5 seconds format T card to empty.





1. host OV9712  purse camera

2. 2500 ma battery

3. wireless remote control

4. TV USB data line

5. manual




1: switch machine:


ON/OFF power open (with card without card) without any prompt, have card click A button remote control (1st motor long shock, and red light ON standby). No card click A switch on the motor vibration under 5 red flash 5 under automatic shutdown, please insert the T card.


Shutdown: click A button motor long one, A red light out the shutdown, (such as A card not enter any function on standby mode, 1 minute automatic shutdown, please dial A shutdown, otherwise the machine leakage)

Hint: enter the camera state after 1 minute, need to stop, need according to the remote control 4 seconds long.

2: 720 p HD video:


on standby mode, click on the button 1 B (2) motor vibration under the red light flash 2, 1280 x720p videos, 5 minutes continuous recording a video automatic packing, not covered in circulation. Stop the video click the button once the motor vibration under 1 B long bright red light back to the standby mode.

3: photo:


standby mode, click the button once C (motor vibration one), flash lamp picture for even 1 piece of 12 million pixels, finished back to standby mode, a red light for photos without shake function, camera when you take a photo please remain relatively fixed, photo effect is good.

4: FULL 1080 p video:


Long standby mode, press the C key 3 seconds, switch to 1080 p video mode (motor length 1) start to video motor vibration under 2, red light flashing 2 out of 1920 x1080p video under 5 minutes 1 section of continuous recording video automatic packing, don't cover, stop button click C a long motor vibration under 1 return to standby mode.

5: motion detecting video:


standby mode, click the button 1 motor vibration under the 3 D for motion detecting mode under the red light flash 3 1280 x720 (HD) has detected moving objects video automatically, no mobile always standby no hint) at the same time, a video, every 5 minutes automatic packing down video, no cover, click D buttons (1) motor vibration back to standby mode.

6: T card format:


standby mode, long press D buttons 5 seconds (motor under seismic 3 after long 1 T card format) remove all T card content, back to the red light bright long standby mode. (suggest T card use format 1 time after time, speed is faster, without having to use a computer format, because the machine with a computer is not a system platform, after the computer format, T card will be more slow)

7: Filling record:


open the power switch, connect a USB 5 v 1 a charger (or mobile treasure) insert USB cable and the machine docking, motor long after 1 times start to camera motor vibration under 2 red light flash directly into


720 p mode under 2 video, (real charge while recording, don't consume battery to the battery at the same time). Also can be changed by remote control any schema.

8: charging:


charging only (remove the TF card) to open the electrical switches to insert the USB adapter (5 v 1 a) above, (insert USB micro vibration motor, red light, red light out for full. (hint: because of form a complete set of battery is true 2500 ma, to guarantee 100% slower, need about 10 hours, so please be patient)


Dial a did not open the power, insert the USB line is normally on a red light, but can't charge, red lights out for filling.

Important note:

1) : strike did not open the card, an external USB line charging case, motor long one, the red light flashing, under 3 to video mode, (false charge while record) using the DC charger electricity, not to recharge the battery.


2) : strike did not open the card, an external USB line charging case, the red light is false not to recharge the battery charging mode.


3) : T card with low electricity situation, use the card is full or low power (motor vibration 4 consecutive stop) according to the function of remote control does not have any, please clean up the T card, without electricity, boot remote control to open the machine, open the automatic shutdown after a few seconds or minutes, please promptly to the charge of the unit.


4) : video condition encountered low electricity recorded a video file there is interference noise, noise is big, please give the machine charge as soon as possible.


5) : do not use the machine, please switch to OFF closed, because of long time upon open, there will be power consumption, long time no, electricity will run out.


USB line instructions:


USB TV cable support filling while recording function, TV TV video output, real-time monitoring, docking computer time watermarking, adjust the camera documents show video clips to delete, cable and charge, more than one use.

Connect the computer:


On standby and off, can be connected directly to the computer, connect the computer after can be used as a U disk, files are free to copy, and paste, delete, format the U disk.


Insert the machine into the computer USB port, the computer will pop up a few seconds after removable disk logo, can carry out data transmission.

Tip:A. after the machine to connect the computer, if the computer can't identify, or still did not pop up in 30 seconds removable disk logo, please reset to plug again.


B. advice directly with T card reader read the video files to play, and play directly by USB connection in the video file, in this video recorder built-in memory may be because the data quantity is too large, transport couldn't keep up with, to play not smooth


Time to change the setting on its own:

Computer seat surface state, click the mouse right button once, choose - new - text documents,


Here face to create a document, as shown in figure after open a text document, compile what you need time, format


after 20140208182568 minutes when the Japanese) (Y save text files, and the new text document name changed to


(TIMERSET), pattern             , Through the USB cable to connect to the machine plugged into a computer,


a U disk mode to save a good text files are copied to the U disk mode under the root directory of as shown


in figure                                               , Then unplug the USB cable, press A button to open A DV, RTC of


watermark is written to the machine to save time, (read U disk inserted into the computer again, TTMERSET


file disappeared. Don't need time watermark is also operating mode, mainly is the tail of Y and N distinction.


Content format is as follows:


Reference style:

1:20140208182568 Y (Have the time watermark)

2:20140208182568 N (No time watermark)


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