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Iris Recognition Smart Lock Password Key Unlock Iris Door Viewer
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Newest Top-Grade Iris Recognition Smart Lock Password Key Unlock Iris Accuracy Unlocking Door Bell Door Camera PIR Induction 


Attentions please : before order ,please must contact us ,because we have to confirm that lock is suitable for your door and lock body or not .
we have body sizes as following chocies:
Please note: before placing the order: the installation of the fingerprint lock requires strict measurement of the door data, and which should be provided to the customer service in time to avoid the uninstallation after the purchased.
1 Determine the direction of opening the door:
Open indoors or outdoors,
Left inside open, or left outside open; right inside open, or right outside open
2 judge whether there is a heaven and earth hook
Method: Touch the top edge of the door to see if there is a lock. When the door lock pops up, is there a bolt on the top edge of the door?
3 lock confirmation method
(1) Measuring the thickness of the door
(2) Measuring the length of the guide piece
(3) Measuring the width of the guide piece
(4) Judging the type of guide piece

Introduction of iris technology identification
       Recognized as the biometric technology with the highest recognition accuracy and the most difficult to copy,
The structure of the human eye consists of three parts: the sclera, the iris, and the pupil, while the iris is located 
in circular portion between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many phases Interlaced like spots, filaments, crowns, stripes, crypts, etc.
These characteristics can uniquely identify a person's identity, iris recognition technology is that The technique is to determine people identity by comparing the similarities between iris graphic features.

Selling Features
1 Three unlock modes, iris, password, key
2 Lock can also be iris unlocked in the dark.
3 Iris registered users support to 20 people, registration password support 20 groups, temporary password Also supported (valid for use at setted time)
4 The screen page system currently supports Chinese or English temporarily.
5 If the door is forcibly removed or opened, the system will automatically alarm for 20 seconds.
6 Three consecutive password errors, the system automatically locks dead.
Model: S8
Color: red bronze, nano black
Collection distance : 30-60CM
Power: <4W
Display screen: 3.5-inch HD IPS display
Battery specifications : 3.7V 20000mAh polymer battery
Opening method: iris, password, mechanical key unlock
Acquisition method: non-contact
Recognition method: binocular acquisition single/binocular recognition
False acceptance rate ( F A R ): 0.00001%
Identification time error rejection rate (F R R ): 0.1 %
Infrared illumination safety: Meets the highest US standards ANSIP-27.1-96 Compliance with Europe Highest standard IEC/EN6471
Working environment temperature: - 20 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Voice prompt: Yes
Working environment humidity: -20%~90%
Appearance size: 414.7mmx86.1mmx37.9mm

Key X2
Charger X1
Screw package X1
Instruction manual X1
Installation expansion diagram X1
Warranty card X1

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