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Automatic Booted Night Vision Function Magic Box Camera
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Fafou Automatic Booted IR Night Vision Function Magic Box Camera Mini Camcorder HD 1080P Voice Singlely Recording

Before using the device for the first time, read the user manual carefully.
1This device has a rechargeable battery. It must be fully charged before first use.
2 Insert a MicroSD card firstly. Otherwise the function of the described indicator lights does not fit the description.



l 1080P Full HD Camera

l Video Recording

l Voice Recording

l Automatic IR Night Vision

l Micro SD(HC) Card Supports up to 32GB

l Easy Handling & Small Size


Technical specifications

Video resolution

1920x1080 AVI format @ 30fps

Voice format


Viewing angle

75° horizontal

IR night vision

~ 3m (10Lux Auto on  / 70Lux Auto off)

Operating systems

 Windows2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac 10.4;Limux;Windows 7/8/10

Playback software

VLC Player / Media player

Working temperature

0°C to +40°C

Weight / dimensions

35g / (L) 7 x (W) 4 x (H) 1.2cm



Product Overview





Use of the device


Inserting the memory card


NOTE:  A MicroSD must be installed before operating the camera function of the device. Press the memory card into the MicroSD card slot until you hear a click tone. To remove the memory card, push it. Then it will slide partially out of the device.


l Voice recording: Set the switch  to K2. RED LED flashes 3x and off, it starts voice recording.


    Save Voices: Set the switch back to K1, GREEN LED flashes 3x and turns off.

l Video recording: Set the switch to K3. RED LED will turn on firstly, then RED&GREEN LED flashes 3x and turns off,  it starts video recording.

    Save videos: Set the switch back to K1, GREEN LED flashes 3x and turns off.

l Support loop recording: When the card is full, it will automatically delete the first videos and continue to record.

    Note: Maximum file length of video recording is 3 minutes, after that a new file is created.

l Infra-Red Mode: Under video recording mode, when the illumination is less than 10LUX, the infrared light turns on automatically. When the illumination is higher than 70LUX, the infrared light will turn off automatically.

l Recording while charging : 5 seconds after connected to the adapter, same operation with normal using


l PC camera: Connect the device to a computer, when it shows a removable disk, set switch to K2 then the device goes into PC camera mode (WEB cam mode).

    Note: This function may not be supported by your PC because of different operating system.

l Connecting with PC: Power off the device then connect it with PC using USB cable. Do not have any operation on the device during this connection. If the device is not read by PC, please re-connect and make sure the USB driver/cable is alright.

lCharging the device: Connect the Micro USB port of the charging cable to the device. Then connect the USB port of the charging cable to the USB port of an AC adapter .During charging the GREEN LED is flashing. When it is fully charged, RED LED will steady on.

l Reset: Set the switch to K1 and wait for 2 minutes.

l Set Date and Time stamp

The date and time will be revised for video in next recording.

1. Plug in the USB cable to the camera and to the computer.

2. Go to <My Computer> or Computer or Explorer.

3. The camera will be recognized as removable Disk Drive.

4. Double left click on removable Disk Drive and it will bring up the Video folder. DO NOT OPEN THEM !

5. Edit the text document named“time”by double left click on the “time.txt”document.

6. Fill in the current Year-Month-Day hour:minute:seconds [eg: 2015-12-30 23:59:59 Y] (Change“Y” to “N”, the time stamp will not show up)

Go to File and Save, then close file.

Power off the device and restart. The device now has the current date and the current time.





l Do not attempt to disassemble the device, it may result in short-circuit or even damage. l Do not drop or shake the device, it may break internal circuit boards or mechanics. l Use it under normal temperature and normal humidity. l Do not put it in a moist working environment since it is not waterproof. l Do not use it directly against strong light, to avoid damage optical device. l Do not use under high dust density environment, to avoid the lens and other components stain dust and effect the camera quality. l Do not make its strong shock, vibration, do not use under high magnetic field. l Keep the device away from little children.

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