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2016 New Arrival WIFI IP P2P H.264 1080P HD WIFI Remote Monitor
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2016 New Arrival WIFI IP P2P H.264 1080P HD WIFI Remote Monitoring Camera Module Night Vision Free Shipping With Singapore Post


      Thanks for purchasing our products. The WIFI Camera uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, bringing you a convenient, safe and colorful 
daily life.This manual provides a brief introduction about how to use the product and details of product’s use and operation. Please be sure to read carefully and understand 
the manual completely before use and keep it properly. We hope our products can meet your demands and serve you for a  time. This product is a HD (720P @ 25FPS) 
network camera monitoring module, with external TF card memory. It supports normal and WIDE ANGLE lens. It is a multi-functional high-tech product which integrating 
functions of video recording, photographing, motion detection alarm, and APP real-time monitoring etc. This product is equipped with high-capacity battery; 5 million-pixel 
high-definition video; It supports up to 32GB TF card; long-time working and APP operation, which makes it more convenient. Moreover, it works as the best anti-theft and 
evidence-gathering tool with strong concealment.

Product Features 

1 Flexible appearance and easy to carry;

2 15CM Super long fold-down lens (Normal or Wide-angle lens optional);

3 Large battery capacity can work many hours;

4 Hidden video function with H.264 compression format; 

5 Working while charging; 

6 Multi-functions in 1: Photo, video with sound recording, motion detection and alarm, Listening etc.  ;

7 Point-to-point connection, can work without a network connection;

8 Supports real-time monitoring on mobile phone software via WIFI/GPRS 3G/4G; 

Introduction of H.264 1080P HD WIFI Remote Monitoring Camera Module

Specs Parameter

Pixel 5 megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1280*720P/640*480P Selectable

Video Format AVI

Frames 25

View Angle 90°(Normal lens) 

Distance of Motion Detection 6 m straight-line distance 

Minimum illumination 1LUX,night vision

Compressed Format H.264

Sound Recording Range 5㎡

Power Consumption 380mAh/3.7V

Storage Temperature -20-80℃

Operating Temperature -10-60℃

Operating Humidity 15-85%RH

Type of Memory card TF card 

Maximum Capacity of Memory Card 32GB

Play software PlayComputer Operation System Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS

Most important customers 4

 Questions & Answers 

1. The remote monitoring is not smooth? 

RE: Please select the most suitable definition according to the current network environment. Network data transmission is up to the network speed, sometimes there will be 
a slight delay phenomenon, it belongs to the normal situation.
2. SD card cannot save files?  RE: SD must be formatted for first use. and select the SD card corresponding storage mode.
3. The device cannot be connected to network ? 

RE: Please check if the wireless router is avallable , and select the proper connection method according to the network nature.  
4. The video in SD card cannot be played fluently on APP ? 

RE: It is because of different decoding capacity of mobile phones. You can adjust the definition of recording to fit your mobile phone. 
5. The passwords are forgotten. What should I do ? 

RE: In case of password loss caused by the trouble, you’d better to modify and save the good password which can help you remember it very well. Because password has 
uniqueness, a ID number corresponding to a password, so please keep password carefully. Once passwords forgotten, please contact us in time to deal with it, so as not to 
affect the use of your product.(Note: The loss of password forgotten is out of warranty service, we will provide a pay-needed maintenance service).
6. Micro SD Card (TF Card) introduction? 

RE:If you need to save videos, please insert the TF Card before machine working and video files saving.The product supports 2G - 32G TF card, and can be recycled to save the file;It means when the TF card memory is full, the last video file will overwrites the oldest video files (loop recording). The device will generate a "snapshot" folder in the root 
directory of TF card, video files are all saved in this folder, It will auto-save and as a separate file for every five minutes when on video recording, the file will be named as 
"current date + time video + video format. "For example: 20150509115108.hkv
7. All the functions are avaliable on the monitoring software interface? 

RE: Not all the functions are avaliable. Part of the functions is applicable to other models. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ⅷ. Precautions 

A) Application: please strictly comply with relevant state decrees and do not use it in any other illegal purposes at your own risks. 

B) Battery: If not work on a long periods of time, please fully charged before use. Minimum charged per month. 

C) Software upgrade: To achieve better product performance, the manufacturer will make continuous improvement to the software. This product is designed for convenient 
software upgrade by customers. Please ask your local distributor for the information and upgrading method of latest version of software.

 D) Working temperature: 0 - 45 ℃, please use it under natural temperature. Do not operate it under a temperature that is not adapted for human body.

E) Working humidity:  20% -80%. please use it under an environmental humidity that is suitable for human life. Do not put the product in a moist working environment since 
the product is not designed with waterproof function. 

F) Shooting luminance: please use the product in an environment with adequate light sources. Do not point the camera directly to the sun and other superstring light sources 

to avoid any damage to the optical elements. 

G) Cleaning requirements: please do not use the product in an environment with too much dust to keep the camera lens and other components free of dust that may affect 
the shooting effect. The camera lens can be cleaned and maintained by wiping with lens wiping paper or glasses cloth. 

H) Other matters: the product is a kind of precision electronic product that should be kept safe from strong impact and vibration. Please do not use in high magnetic field and 
strong electric field. 

I) Additional information: To avoid entering the misunderstanding, please view the instruction details carefully before proceeding, Please contact your local dealer for other 
unspecified matters.

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